Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

Rules and Regulations

Under the authority granted by state statutes passed by the Nebraska Legislature, all state agencies adopt regulations to clarify and define processes and requirements outlined in state law. For example, in the Nebraska Scholarship Act, state law requires that direct financial assistance shall be provided to eligible students.  Regulations define which students are eligible for assistance based on financial need considerations. 

Properly adopted regulations have the force of law. Commonly referred to as "rules," "regulations" or "rules and regulations," the official name for the state's compiled rules and regulations is the Nebraska Administrative Code.  The rules and regulations governing the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education are under Title 281 of the Nebraska Administrative Code. 

Title 281 outlines the processes institutions must follow to undertake such activities as offering new courses in Nebraska, continuing existing courses, and requesting budget changes or capital construction funding.  Title 281 also contains guidelines on receiving and disbursing scholarship and financial aid funds to eligible postsecondary Nebraska students.

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Chapter 4: Review of Programs of Public Colleges and Universities

Existing program review

State College & Community College Form (PDF) (Word) 
University Form (PDF) (Word)

New program request

Definitions (Appendix A)
Revenue (Appendix B) (PDF) (Excel)
Expenses (Appendix B) (PDF) (Excel)

New organizational unit request

Definitions (Appendix A)
Revenue (Appendix B) (PDF) (Excel)
Expenses (Appendix B) (PDF) (Excel)

Chapter 5: Nebraska Opportunity Grant Act

Chapter 6: Access College Early Scholarship Program Act

Chapter 7: Rules for the Postsecondary Institution Act

Application for Recurrent Authorization to Operate (PDF)  (Word)
Application for Modification of Recurrent Authorization to Operate (PDF)  (Word)
Application for Renewal of Recurrent Authorization to Operate (PDF)  (Word)
Format for Authorization to Operate (Appendix D) 
Fee Schedule
Guidance Document for PIA Rules when Applicants Need Additional State Approvals

Chapter 8: Guaranty Recovery Cash Fund

Guaranty Recovery Cash Fund Bond form
Guaranty Recovery Cash Fund Assessment form

Chapter 9: Rules and Regulations Concerning Capital Construction

Procedures Concerning Capital Construction
Program statement outline
Prioritization process
Facility Operating and Maintenance Costs Inflationary Adjustment

Chapter 10: Off-Campus Programs in Nebraska

Out-of-service-area request
Institutional contact list

Chapter 11: Review of Public Institutions' Budget Requests

Chapter 12: Procedures & Practice Relating to Rules and Regulations