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Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

Legal and Regulatory

Commonly Requested Forms and Documents


Public Institutions

Existing program review

State College & Community College Form (PDF) (Word)
University Form (PDF) (Word)

New program request

Definitions Appendix A
Revenue (PDF) (Excel)
Expenses (PDF) (Excel)

New organizational unit request

Appendix A: Definitions (PDF)
Revenue (PDF) (Excel)
Expenses (PDF) (Excel)

Out-of-service-area request

Form (PDF) (Word)
Institutional contact list (PDF)

Seven-year program review schedule

Community Colleges (PDF)
State College System (PDF)
University of Nebraska (PDF)


Private Institutions

Application for Modification of Recurrent Authorization to Operate (PDF) (Word)
Application for Recurrent Authorization to Operate (PDF) (Word)
Application for Recurrent Authorization to Operate an Administrative Office (PDF) (Word)
Application for Renewal of Recurrent Authorization to Operate (PDF) (Word)
Annual Report for Institutions Holding a Recurrent Authorization to Operate (PDF) (Word)
Fee Schedule


Capital Construction Proposals

Program Statement Outline (PDF)
Facility Operating and Maintenance Costs Inflationary Adjustment

Program Statement Examples

Central Community College - Kearney Center
Nebraska State Historical Society - Museum Renovation
Southeast Community College - Hospitality Program
Wayne State College - Carhart Science Building
Wayne State College - Conn Library


List of institutions authorized by the Coordinating Commission to operate in Nebraska


State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA)


Student Complaint Form