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Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

Information for Students and Parents

UNL studentsThe Coordinating Commission strives to connect you with the information you need to help you achieve your educational goals. For a listing of all colleges and universities in Nebraska, visit our online directory.

Are you a veteran or current military personnel?

The Coordinating Commission is organizing Nebraska's participation in the Multi-State Collaborative on Military Credit.

Do you need help planning for college or a career?

  • EducationQuest is a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve access to higher education in Nebraska.
  • is the central online location for career, job, education, planning, and training resources designed for Nebraska.
  • is part of a national campaign to help middle and high school students plan for college.

Need information about financial aid?
Whether you're a student, parent or school administrator, we can point you in the right direction.

Need information about credit transfer policies at Nebraska's public postsecondary institutions?
Check out the Transfer Nebraska website.

Saving for your child's college education?
Check out the Nebraska College Savings Plan.

Interested in attending an out-of-state institution, but have concerns about the cost?
Nebraska participates in the Midwest Student Exchange Program, which helps provide affordable opportunities for students to attend out-of-state institutions as part of a multi-state tuition reciprocity program.

Do you have questions about accreditation?
Read this brochure from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Want to know where Nebraska's freshmen students are enrolling?  How much students are borrowing for their postsecondary educations?  A school's graduation rate?

Take a look at the Commission's reports page.

Would you like to find out which colleges in the U.S. offer programs in your area of interest?
Visit College Navigator.

Are you a student with a complaint against a Nebraska postsecondary institution?
Visit our student complaints page for more information about how to proceed.