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Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

Wanted: Innovative ideas for improving teaching

The Coordinating Commission has issued a request for proposals for the 2010-11 Improving Teacher Quality (ITQ) state grants.

The purpose of the ITQ program is to increase student academic achievement by helping to ensure that highly qualified teachers, paraprofessionals and principals have access to sustained and intensive high-quality professional development in core academic subjects. The program provides grants to partnerships comprised of Nebraska institutions of higher education and high-need local educational agencies for projects to improve the skills of teachers, paraprofessionals and principals.

The Coordinating Commission administers the ITQ program for the state of Nebraska. The federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act funds the grants. The Commission expects to have approximately $425,000 to award during the 2010-11 competition. Although no minimum or maximum has been set for each award, funding typically ranges from $20,000 to $80,000.

Last year’s winning proposals came from all corners of the state and included a program in which teachers learned how to integrate technology into their foreign language instruction, as well as another that helped teachers promote literacy among middle- and high-school students. Submission deadline is Nov. 12, 2010. Click here to read more about last year’s winning proposals. For more information about the ITQ program, please contact Dr. Kathleen Fimple at the Coordinating Commission: