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Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

Hill testifies before Education Committee

The Coordinating Commission's executive director, Marshall Hill, testified before the Legislature's Education Committee on Monday about three bills that would affect Nebraska higher education:

  • LB 657, introduced by Sen. Charlie Jansenn of Fremont, would repeal a 4-year-old law that allows some illegal immigrants to pay in-state institution - Nebraska's version of the federal DREAM Act. Hill testified in opposition to this bill.
  • LB 637, introduced by Sen. Greg Adams of York, would replace current statutes that govern the Coordinating Commission’s approval of new private institutions and out-of-state institutions offering courses in Nebraska. The Commission is not seeking to change any core principles in the approval process; rather, to clarify and strengthen the law. Hill testified in support of this bill.
  • LB 372, also introduced by Sen. Adams, would allow the University of Nebraska to offer an expanded number of certificate programs, providing they are approved by the Coordinating Commission and primarily consist of courses above associate-level. Also under this bill, community colleges would be solely responsible for offering certificates consisting of courses at the associate-degree level or below. Hill testified as a proponent of this bill.

Hill's full testimonies are available below:

The Commission is required by statute to recommend legislation deemed necessary to improve higher education in Nebraska, as well as to provide information and advice to the Legislature.