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Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

Commission releases report on faculty and salaries

The Coordinating Commission recently released Section C of its annual Factual Look at Higher Education in Nebraska. Section C analyzes the numbers of full-time instructional faculty and the average salaries of full-time instructional faculty at Nebraska's public and independent postsecondary institutions. It does not include for-profit/career schools. Among the findings of Section C:

  • At the University of Nebraska, state colleges and the independent institutions, from fall 2001 to fall 2011, there were 99 more professors, 62 more instructors and 64 more lecturers but only 18 more associate professors and 44 fewer assistant professors.
  • Between fall 2001 and fall 2011, total fall enrollment increased 24.9% while full-time instructional faculty increased only 8.9%.
  • Between 2001 and 2011, the average salary of full-time faculty at the University of Nebraska campuses decreased 1%. (Factoring in inflation)
  • Meanwhile, the salaries increased at the State College System (4.3%), the community colleges (6.7%) and the independent schools (2.9%).
  • There is a continuing gap between the average salaries received by male and female full-time instructional faculty.

The full Section C is available now on the commission's website.