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Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

Commission offers testimony on higher-ed bills considered by Legislature

The Coordinating Commission offered testimony on 10 higher-education-related bills currently being considered by the State Legislature. Interim Executive Director Carna Pfeil spoke on behalf of the commission for five of the bills; the commission submitted testimony in letter form for the others. Below is a brief description of those bills, as well as a link to the commission's submitted testimony.

  • LB 779 - Neutral - Changes duties of CCPE relating to transfer-of-credit policies
  • LB 781 - Neutral - Change a date relating to a community college comprehensive audit
  • LB 787 - Proponent - Provide an income-tax deduction for loan principal payments on graduate degrees
  • LB 826 - Proponent - Provide for a study relating to education incentives for high-need occupations
  • LB 835 - Neutral - Extend a pilot project relating to college entrance exams (ACT)
  • LB 1055 - Proponent - Provide for tuition-free credits for veterans and military personnel as prescribed
  • LB 1069- Proponent - Change provisions relating to private postsecondary career schools
  • LB 1077 - Neutral - Adopt the Shared Responsibility for Access and Success Act (financial aid)
  • LB 1103 - Proponent - Provide for a strategic planning process for education
  • LB 1106 - Proponent - Change provisions relating to career academies

The Legislature is scheduled to finish its 60-day session on April 17.