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Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

CCPE releases new one-pager on adult learners

The Coordinating Commission has released the latest in a series of one-page fact sheets on issues and topics relevant to Nebraska higher education. The new one-pager focuses on the state's adult learners - those students who are age 25 or older. The Commission not only delves into the data - enrollment and degrees, veteran students, educational attainment by county - but offers concrete examples of what Nebraska and other states are doing to enroll, retain, and graduate adult learners.

The Commission also has produced fact sheets on overall educational attainment and degrees and enrollment data in the state, as well as Nebraska's financial aid programs and an overview of the Coordinating Commission. The Commission is the only entity in the state that gathers, analyzes, and reports on postsecondary data from all sectors.

More reports and analyses are available on the Reports page of the Commission's website.