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Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

CCPE offers potential higher-ed policies to spur NE economic development

The Coordinating Commission recently presented to a legislative task force a list of potential state policies to encourage postsecondary attainment and workforce development in Nebraska.

Coordinating Commission Executive Director Mike Baumgartner included the policy examples as part of his July 14 presentation to the Nebraska Legislature’s Economic Development Task Force. Baumgartner also gave an overview of higher education in the state and the Commission’s role and duties.

Baumgartner cited numerous examples of programs from other states that Nebraska should consider. He also stressed that some of the programs may not be a fit for Nebraska, or are still in the beginning stages and have yet to prove their effectiveness.

“Some of them are not completely developed, but I think looking at what other states are doing is always a worthwhile starting point,” Baumgartner said.

Baumgartner offered an overview of programs that states such as South Dakota, Indiana, Tennessee and Maine have implemented to address workforce shortages in high-need fields, as well as college affordability and student debt.

Baumgartner was one of several education leaders from both higher education and K-12 to address the task force, which consists of 10 state senators and is chaired by Sen. Sue Crawford of Bellevue. The task force is holding multiple meetings throughout the year. The July 14 meeting focused on how education can spur economic development in the state.